• Excellent sensitivity - Audio will unmute at less than 0.5 microvolt at antenna connector. 

  • Full Shortwave band coverage - tune any AM channel in 5 KHz channel increments from 2.3 to 26.1 MHz.   Coverage from 190 KHz to 30 MHz with reduced sensitivity out of the shortwave bands, especially below 1.8 MHz.

  • DSP (digital signal processor) selectivity - Sharp 3 KHz for speech or wider bandwidth for music.

  • Digital Processing Noise Blanker - A state-of-the-art digital noise blanker greatly reduces any spark plug noise that can disrupt reception.

  • Built-in high-fidelity FM transmitter with RDS to display actual shortwave frequency and preset channel number/ "S" meter on the vehicle's FM radio.

  • Four broadcast FM frequencies are selectable by the Key Fob Controller so you always have a clear FM channel when driving to different areas.  Programmed with 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, and 88.9 MHz - one of these channels will always be unassigned in any driving area.

  • Selectable Morse code annunciation of tuned frequency and function selections.   This aids in operation when FM receiver doesn't have RDS display or you can't look at the display on the FM radio while driving.

  • Key-Fob command for instant selection of WWV channels on 5,10, 5, and 20 MHz for accurate time and signal propagation checks.

  • High or Low sensitivity selection by Key Fob so optimum performance can always be obtained during conditions of very strong signals.

  • 45 dB spurious signal rejection.

  • Rugged construction for operation in hostile automotive temperature and vibration environments.

  • Memory storage of 100 preset channels. 

  • Can be manually tuned to any 5 KHz channel in the turning range and that new frequency stored in preset memory.  Note BST-1 reception is AM only so 5 KHz tuning is optimum as all International Shortwave stations are on 5 KHz channel spacing.

  • Pre-programmed with 50 popular U.S. and International shortwave stations and WWV at 5,10,15 and 20 MHz.   The BST-1 is ready to start listening right out of the box.  Easily add or delete preset channels using the Key Fob controller.

  • Supplied is the BST-1, Key Fob Controller and Car Power Adapter (10 foot power cord). Antenna sold separately.