A trunk lip type antenna is recommended. See the information on the recommended antenna at Buyer may use any suitable antenna but is cautioned to minimize length of coaxial cable and secure a good ground to metal surface of vehicle near antenna whip connection to the cable. This is to minimize interference from vehicle noise sources. Length of the antenna element (whip) should be no more than 25”. Longer elements will increase the signal levels such that overload of the receiver may occur.

Mount the recommended antenna according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The antenna cable is relatively short so as to reduce signal loss due to capacitance of the cable. Thus, the antenna must be located near the BST-1. Connect the antenna to the ANTENNA input of the BST-1.

Note: while the BST-1 has internal protection circuits to prevent damage from moderately strong nearby RF sources, locate the shortwave antenna away from any other transmitting antenna on the vehicle, such as ones used for CB radios or 2 way radios. If excessive energy is applied from the antenna to the BST-1, the BST-1 may be damaged. 


The BST-1 is supplied with a 10’ long power cord and key fob 433.92 MHz wireless controller.

Locate the BST-1 in the desired mounting area. In most cases it can be located out of sight in spare tire area of the trunk, in the trunk, or rear cargo area of vehicles. Route the power cable to the BST-1 from the cigarette power outlet in the vehicle to the area where the BST-1 is mounted and plug in both the connector to the BST-1 power input and the car cigarette power outlet.

When power is applied, you will see a red indicator illuminated in the opening for the power connector on the rear of the BST-1. The power cord also has an on/off switch and power illumination on the plug which inserts into the vehicle. Leave this switch ON so that the powerindicator is illuminated.

There is no installation required for the wire antenna for the FM Transmitter/Key Fob that is permanently attached to the BST-1 other than to stretch the wire out to its full length. Keep it away from the metal portion of the vehicle so as to obtain the best performance.

Note: For use in extremely cold environments (below 0 F), it may be advantageous to use foam or bubble wrap insulating material to completely wrap the BST-1. This will retain the heat inside the BST-1 that is generated from the 1 watt dissipation of normal operation and provide an increase in internal temperature over that of the ambient temperature.